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13.04.11, 17:14
 AccuWeather Widget
© tRaDuZ
version 1.4

An elf to display weather information on standby.

1) Download and extract to: /usb/Other/Zbin/Config/
2) Download your weather at:
3) Put file weather.txt: in /usb/Other/Zbin/Config/AccuWeather/

Remember to update your file weather.txt every 7 days.
To download the weather file by phone, use Bolt not Opera Mini.
You can change the long text for wind direction and condition text in condition.xml.
Also dont change state's 9,10, 27, 28, and short text for wind direction.

I made several changes since version 1.0, i was waiting until i add ability to change short text for wind direction to release here so you can translate to russian, but i'll release.

Changelog since version 1.0: 

* Just add \n in condition.xml and the text will break according to line spacing (first image).
<Condition State="14" Text="Partly Sunny with Showers"/> <- No break
<Condition State="14" Text="Partly Sunny\nwith Showers"/> <- Break the line

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AccuWeatherWidgetv1.4.elf AccuWeatherWidgetv1.4.elf (33.82 kb; 193 hits) Скачать файл (471.40 kb; 278 hits) Скачать файл

13.04.11, 20:10
 "wind Direction" in "long" format, have bag.

13.04.11, 20:30
 Good elf. Will there be an automatic update?

13.04.11, 21:36
 Bug? Can you explain more please?

I'm plaining it too :)

13.04.11, 21:42
 traduz, Short format - good. For example "South", in a variant Short - "S", in Long - "13".

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scr20-34-39.png scr20-34-39.png (81.07 kb; 685 hits) Скачать файл

13.04.11, 21:46
 traduz, Good elf!
I have one wish (or the offer). If you elf loads a weather forecast for a week (7 days) why not to deduce it completely on standby?

Замечательный эльф!
У меня есть одно пожелание (или предложение). Если твой эльф загружает прогноз погоды на неделю, то почему бы не выводить его полностью на standby?

Here, for example so:

[ Редактировано veterok в 13.4.11 20:01 ]

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forecast_base_default.png forecast_base_default.png (9.83 kb; 631 hits) Скачать файл

13.04.11, 22:35
 "Error while trying to open weather.txt and condition.xmlll " положил все папки как в 1 посте, и так же само на карту памяти положил, и та самая ошибка, че делать? :-?

13.04.11, 23:33
 traduz, And "line Spacing" not work... Can you make a choice coordinates of the text on two points? As on a screen

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scr22-25-03.png scr22-25-03.png (2.06 kb; 572 hits) Скачать файл

14.04.11, 04:35
Try with attached condition.xml its in russian (thanks black roland).
How line spacing is not working? Can you be more specific?
Yes im plaining to add rectangle to bcfg for position.

5-day or many you want forecast is in my to-do list for next update! thanks for suggestion!

Hmmm, maybe w_chdir is wrong ported for your phone.
I tested it in a W580, /tpa/user didnt work but /card worked fine.

I already know whats the problem for 13, thanks a lot fot that man.

[ Редактировано traduz в 14.4.11 00:39 ]

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14.04.11, 08:30
 traduz, I have k770 on /card didn't work, path to icons and files must be tpa/user/other/Zbin/Config/AccuWeather . can you change path in elf?
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