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Ultra Calendar v1.0 (Gregorian + Hindu + Persian + Arabic) + : Эльфы : Форум : Для Sony Ericsson патчи эльфы моддинг прошивка
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  #1 [31.12.09, 23:13] Ultra Calendar v1.0 (Gregorian + Hindu + Persian + Arabic) +   

Source - Download

Ultra calendar v1.0 [Download]

Gregorian calendar , Hindu (Indian civil) calendar , Persian (Solar) calendar , Arabic (Islamic) calendar

Description to English :
This package is contain of several calendar for represent date in mobile screen. You can define the day description for each calendar and show it to several mode. so , You must receive the "Calendar manager" software (for PC) and enter your day description and create your calendar file (Calendar.cal). For executing the software , you need to ".Net FrameWork" v2.0 or later. The "Gregorian Calendar" is basic in other calendars and all calendar calculate from it (master base is Julian days).
I can create another calendar by your request and your algorithm; But, I haven't free times for one month and so, i can not reply to your post during this time. . My time is free !

Notes :

BCFG > [Settings] > Digit Language : for using of another language for digits , you must enter a distance of your language from English digits . for example , the distance of Arabic digits with English digits is "1584". In next level, you must disable the English digit in BCFG > [dates] > date x... > Use English digit.

BCFG > [Settings] > Refresh standby : If there was problem in working with flash wallpapers (for example in enter number for dialing) disabled this item.

BookManager > elf tab > on UltraCalendar > Press More > press About ELF : View all keys for format in about.

If there was problem in zooming pictures (in DB2020) : Just don't define anything for softkey area.

For regulate of "Position (Rect)" property : You must be put your place in Top of screen.

In Arabic calendar , The days aren't fixed in different palaces. : Go to "BCFG > [Settings] > Arabic distance (day)" and regulate your value.

Calendar keys format :

Y : 4 digit year ---> 2009
y : 2 digit year ---> 09
M : Month name
m : Month number
W : Weekday name
d : day digit

G : Gregorian (Christmas) calendar
H : Hindu (Indian Civil) calendar
P : Persian (Solar) calendar
A : Arabic (Islamic) calendar

Example : Gd / GM / GY ---out---> 01 / January / 2010

Calendar manager v1.0 (for PC) [Download]
The calendar files structure is intricate and management on this file is very difficult. I had to created a software for management on calendar files. Working with this software is very easy. just in first , You must characterize your calendar in "Calendar Mode" and edit your calendar. There is a simple calendar file in every package files (Calendar.cal) and you can use from it.

ClockTime v1.0 [Download]
This is an extra elf for representing digital clock.

ClockTime keys format :

H : Hour 24 Mode
h : Hour 12 Mode
M : Time Minute
S : Time Second
W : Time when text (AM or PM or your value)

References :
Calendar informations in wikipedia (Thanks to wikipedia)
Gregorian calendar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/January
Hindu (Indian civil calendar) : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_national_calendar , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindu_calendar
Arabic (Islamic) calendar : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_calendar
Persian (Solar) calendar : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_Hejri_calendar

The algorithm for calculating calendars (Thank to fourmilab site)

Source code of CavertArt.elf (Thank to UltraShot , IronMaster , Joker XT , 2007KrasH for uploading this souce)

And thanks to the dear friends that we are at learning of elf and uploading their source code to help. Thanks to all of the producers of elf and Patches ( IronMaster, arban, AWG, BigHercules, den_po, HierOS, Joker XT, NOA, ploik, UltraShot, Void, Xamid, zapret007, Zormax , BagMaster, Снежок , amir_82111 , Hussein)

Прикрепленный к сообщению файл:

Ultra_calendar_v1.0_(Gregorian__Arabic__Hindu__Persian).zip Ultra_calendar_v1.0_(Gregorian__Arabic__Hindu__Persian).zip (63.38 kb; 201 hits) Скачать файл
Calendar_manager_v1.0.zip Calendar_manager_v1.0.zip (428.06 kb; 161 hits) Скачать файл
ClockTime_v1.0.elf ClockTime_v1.0.elf (25.41 kb; 131 hits) Скачать файл
UltraCalendar_src.zip UltraCalendar_src.zip (1007.03 kb; 22 hits) Скачать файл

Спасибо сказали: -Sanek-, Xamid, MNS81, Oganyan-Arthur, alexus, laurafarsas, Zormax, nitr, stVit, -DeJaVu-, winn, InvisibleW, H0sseiN, OXCIGEN



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  #2 [27.02.10, 20:12] Re: Ultra Calendar v1.0 (Gregorian + Hindu + Persian + Arabi   

Thanks scorpion16,
please Upload Png Icon For ClockTime!
How use ClockTime?



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  #3 [04.03.10, 00:15] Re: Ultra Calendar v1.0 (Gregorian + Hindu + Persian + Arabi   

OXCIGEN, this elf is a simple digital clock... and there isn't any graphic for it... !
You must just run the elf , and digital clock shown in standby...

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